• Christmas Theatre Performance

    A few months ago we entered a song writing competition (ran by the Rage Arts Primary Theatre Company) to create the lyrics to songs for a theatre production of the Nutcracker. A few weeks ago, we were delighted to find out that we had won this competition. A huge thank you and well done to our winning budding song writers who were: Rennzo (in class 4J) Carol (in class 6B) Who both won book vouchers. We also got two school prizes.
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  • Governors' Award Assemblies

    This week, we held our Governors' Award Assemblies. This is an event that we hold termly at our school. For this event, we choose one winner from each of the year groups in the following three categories: * Governors' Award for being a fantastic role model to others; * Governors' Award for improving the well being to others; * Headteachers Award for excellent achievement and progress. Choosing winners for these awards is never an easy task, as we have so many children who could have been selected for each of these.
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  • Uniform Consultation

    Parents, we are always eager to hear your insights about our school. Today, we are hoping that you will be able to provide us with your views about our current school uniform by completing a very short questionnaire as part of a consultation (available via the link below). Parental school uniform questionnaire This questionnaire will close on Friday 17th December. Thank you for taking the time to complete this.
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  • Year 3's Synagogue Visit

    As part of their studies about Judaism, our Year 3's visited Singers Hill Synagogue. The staff at the synagogue were very complimentary about our Year 3's knowledge, questions and the way they represented our school on this visit. Well done Year 3!  
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  • Year 6's Visit to St Philip's Cathedral

    At Colmers Farm, we are working hard to promote the acceptance, respect and understanding of others who may have different faiths or beliefs to ourselves. This is part of our 'No Outsiders' approach to teaching equality. At our school, every year group (from Years 2-6) visits a different place of worship each year, which reflects a different religion. These visits link with the RE topic each year group are studying.
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  • Year 5's Mosque Visit

    As part of their RE studies about Islam, Year 5 visited Birmingham Central Mosque. Year 5 had the opportunity to explore this building and find out about its features and how people of a Muslim faith use this building to practise their faith. The children and staff all really enjoyed this visit and learnt a lot about Islam and mosques during it. These visits are important in developing children's knowledge, tolerance and respect for others from different faiths, as we prepare our children to live and work in the multi-cultural world in which we live.
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  • Year 1's visit to the Black Country Museum

    Year 1 visited the Black Country Museum as part of their Houses and Homes topic. Here they got to visit a Victorian school and they met a very strict Victorian teacher. They also visited some Victorian shops, some Victorian houses and many other places. Our Year 1s represented our school magnificently whilst on the visit.
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  • Professor McGinty Visits Year 4

    On Thursday, Year 4 were visited by the one and only Professor McGinty (the Amazing Time Traveling Detective). This visit was to reinforce the children's learning and knowledge about their Roman topic, which is their focus for this term. The children really enjoyed this visit and Professor McGinty was very impressed at the end of the day with the knowledge the children demonstrated throughout his shows and also with the quality of their questions which they were asking. Well done Year 4!
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  • Year 3 Zoolab Visit

    Year 3 today had a visit from Zoolab. This visit was organised to compliment their studies about the Amazon Rainforest. During this session, the children (and our staff) got to learn about, see and handle a range of animals which are native to this rainforest including rats, snakes, tarantulas, frogs and many more. Our Year 3s really enjoyed this session.
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  • Year 3 First Aid Training

    If you ever need first aid at Colmers Farm, Year 3 is now the place to visit. Year 3 this week had their first aid training day where they learnt how to deal with a range of injuries, along with how to put people into the recovery position, how to do CPR and what to do if somebody is chocking. Our Year 3s really enjoyed this training and those children I spoke to afterwards had certainly learnt lots. At Colmers Farm Primary School, we believe passionate that all of our children in their time with us should receive first aid training.
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