Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee

"Experience is the teacher of all things" - Julius Caesar

Giving our children a broad range of experiences (developing their cultural capital) is something that we strive to achieve at our school. As well as improving children academically, experiences help to develop children's inner qualities and help to create children with the skills they need to prosper in the multi-cultural society in which we live. 

Our Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee is a list of experiences that all children at our school will experience in their time with us. This list (click the link below) has been carefully complied using suggestions from governors, parents, staff and children. 

The academic year of 2022/2023 will be the first year of our Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee. Please note that although we will endeavour to ensure that as many of the activities on this list as possible take place each year, on occasions some of these activities may need to be cancelled due to a lack of voluntary parental contributions or may not take place due to other circumstances beyond our control.

Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee Activities List

Children need to be able to experience learning in multiple contexts, locations and formats - this is how resilience and creativity is nurtured.