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Governors' Award Assemblies

9 Dec

This week, we held our Governors' Award Assemblies. This is an event that we hold termly at our school. For this event, we choose one winner from each of the year groups in the following three categories:

* Governors' Award for being a fantastic role model to others;

* Governors' Award for improving the well being to others;

* Headteachers Award for excellent achievement and progress. 

Choosing winners for these awards is never an easy task, as we have so many children who could have been selected for each of these. 

We were fortunate for these assemblies to be joined by Mrs O'Brien - one of our school governors - who helped to present these awards.

Miss Jennings (our PE lead) also gave out some new sporting awards to our children during these assemblies.  She rewarded two children in each year group for showing each of the key qualities of respect, teamwork or determination. 

Well done to all of our winners. We all look forward to our next Governors' Award  Assembly, which will take place just before our Easter break.