The ability to read, write and analyse; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in that door and take your seat at the table - all of that starts with education.
Michelle Obama

Writing week at Colmers

10 Nov

This week we have had our writing week at Colmers Farm Primary and we had something special planned for this. The stimulus for this was the launching of the Colmers Farm Teddy into space. Yes you did read right - we sent a real teddy into real space (or pretty close to real space). 

All of our classes got to watch the build up live and to ask questions about the launch and our brave bear's journey. They then got to watch the launch itself as our teddy became an astrobear! It was one small step for the bear, one giant leap for bearkind.

The real focus of this week was the children's writing though and they all worked really hard to produce some fabulous learning based on spaced/or the journey of our bear. Well done everybody!

Watch our brave astrobear's journey in the video below.