This week we held our Big Arts Week Exhibition for our pupils which showcased the wonderful art work that our pupils created before the holidays. Each year group created art work which reflected a different continent:

Reception - North America

Year 1 - Africa

Year 2 - Europe

Year 3 - South America

Year 4 - Antarctica

Year 5 - Asia

Year 6 - Oceania 

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we have been unable to have our parents in school to see the wonderful work produced. We have however created the video below to share our art work with you. We hope that you enjoy watching it.



  • Writing week at Colmers

    This week we have had our writing week at Colmers Farm Primary and we had something special planned for this. The stimulus for this was the launching of the Colmers Farm Teddy into space. Yes you did read right - we sent a real teddy into real space (or pretty close to real space). All of our classes got to watch the build up live and to ask questions about the launch and our brave bear's journey.
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  • Our Big Arts Week Exhibition 2020

    On the 3rd and 4th November, the children got to see all of their work from Big Arts Week displayed in an exhibition in the upper hall. Well done to all of the children and staff at Colmers Farm for working so hard to create this. You all did an amazing job. Unfortunately we were unable to have out parents in to see this.
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  • Big Arts Week At Colmers Farm

    WB 19th October 2020 This week was big arts week at Colmers Farm. Each year group focused on the art work of a particular artist and developed their artistic skills to produce art work in the style of these artists. These artists were: * Karel Appel - Reception * William Morris - Year 1 * Bridget Riley - Year 2 * James Rizzi - Year 3 * Peter Thorpe - Year 4 * Danielle Foye - Year 5 * LS Lowry - Year 6. All of the work produced was displayed in the upper hall and all of the children will have an opportunity to see this after the half term holiday.
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  • Professor McGinty Visits Year 4

    21st October 2020 Today Year 4 were visited by the charismatic and hilariously funny Professor McGinty (the time travelling detective). This visit was to teach the children more about life during the Roman period in Britain, which is the topic Year 4 are currently studying. The children really enjoyed this visit and found out a lot of information. Professor McGinty was very impressed with Year 4's knowledge about this topic, their listening skills and with the quality of questions they asked.
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  • Year 5 BIkeability

    12th October 2020 Year 5 have had a fun week taking part in Bikeability this week. Here the children first developed their mastery of bicycle handling in an off road environment. Once they had mastered this, some of our children were then provided with the opportunity to develop their road cycling skills also. These lessons are really important in helping our children to stay safe.
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  • Launch of our SAGE Award

    October 2020 At Colmers Farm, we have now launched our brand new KS2 pupil award called the SAGE award. This award is designed to broaden our children's experiences, to develop many of their personal skills (e.g. resilience, independence, strength of character etc), to broaden their aspirations and to reward our children for what they do both inside and outside of school. Please see the SAGE Award page of our website for more information about this fantastic new award.
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