At Colmers Farm Primary School, attendance is extremely important. Your child is our top priority and if they are to achieve their full potential they must be in school to learn. We aim to have a whole school yearly attendance of at least 96%.


When a child is absent from school they miss valuable learning opportunities, which will have a knock-on effect on their education as a whole. Children who miss time off school do not achieve as well as their peers. Not only do they miss the lessons, they also miss out on social aspects of school life, including making and maintaining friendships. This can then impact on their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

It is parents' legal responsibility to ensure their children receive appropriate education. Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence.

We will not authorise family holidays, and these will be marked as unauthorised absence on your child's register. Please remember that rainy days, going shopping, visiting family, birthdays during the week and not wanting to go to school, are not acceptable reasons to be absent and will be recorded as unauthorised. If you are concerned that your child does not want to come to school, please talk a member of staff. 

Children with an attendance of 90% or below are referred to as Persistent Absentees.

Children whose attendance falls below an acceptable level will be referred to our pastoral team who will issue a letter to the family about next steps. Please remember that we are here to help your child to learn. At every stage our aim is to provide support to families and children so that children can attend school. Colmers Farm Primary School offer extensive early help, in line with Birmingham City Council's 'Right Service, Right Time' framework. If there is a genuine problem in getting your children to school, let us know and we will do all we can to help without judgement. 

Children who continue to miss school after this with become part of the 'FAST-track to Attendance' programme which is co-ordinated by Birmingham Education legal Intervention Team. This procedure, which aims to ensure children are in school, can lead to court proceedings for parents / carers.

Punctuality is also very important. Children start work promptly in the morning and children who are late will lose out on their learning. The school will contact parents of children who are persistently late.

Good attendance is a parental responsibility and the children rely on you to get them to school each day. With parental support we know that we can reach and exceed our target of 96%, ensuring that all children achieve and excel during their time at Colmers Farm Primary School.

Celebrating Attendance

Individual Awards.

  • Weekly Attendance Raffle Tickets:

Children are awarded a weekly raffle tickets which drawn in weekly assembly. Children earn a raffle ticket by being in school and on time every day for the week.

  • Bronze, silver and gold badges:

Every child with an attendance and punctuality of 97% or above for a whole term will earn a badge. The first term they achieve this they will earn a bronze badge, the second term will be a silver badge and if they have an attendance of 97% or above for all 3 terms they will achieve the gold badge. This means that children have 3 opportunities to achieve badges and 1 period of absence does not prevent children earning their badges throughout the rest of the school year.

  • Own Clothes Days:

Badges will be awarded in assembly at the end of each term, and any child earning a badge will be invited to come to school in their own clothes on the last day of term.

  • Annual Prize draw:

Every child who earns a gold badge will be entered into a prize draw with the opportunity to win a huge prize! At other schools in our Multi Academy Trust this has been a bike or a scooter. We will be working with the School Council to come up with an exciting prize for next year!

Class Awards:

  • EYFS & KS1:

The class with the highest attendance (and over 97%) will be awarded a certificate and asked to look after the Colmers’ Cat for the week. Certificates will be displayed outside the classroom.

  • KS2:

The class with the highest attendance (and over 97%) will be awarded a certificate and asked to look after the Colmers’ Camel for the week in. Certificates will be displayed outside the classroom.

Attendance Newsletter

Please find below an important school attendance letter - Covid Update -  from Birmingham City Council.

Covid School Attendance Letter Sept 2020

The Impact of Non-Attendance

We cannot stress enough how vitally important good attendance is in ensuring your child makes good progress. If they are regularly late or missing days on a regular basis, this leads to the child falling behind in their learning.

Days of Education Attendance Status Note
190 school days 100% Good Gives your child the best chance of success and gets them off to a flying start.
180 school days =
10 days absence
95% Worrying Less chance of success. Makes it harder to make progress.
171 school days =
19 days absence
90% Persistent absentee - serious concern. Not fair on your child. Their learning and progress is seriously affected. Could lead to court action.
161 school days =
29 days absence
(half a term missed)
152 school days =
38 days absence
143 school days =
47 days absence