Extra-Curricular Activities

At Colmers Farm, we believe that extra-curricular activities are vital for developing our pupils academically, socially and emotionally. Many of these activities also develop our pupils' levels of fitness.

To help us select which extra-curricular activities we offer, we utilise pupil voice by sending out letters to our pupils with options which are then voted on. This links with our one of our British Values - democracy.

Currently, we are offering the following extra curricular activities at Colmers Farm Primary School. 

Autumn Term 2021/2022

Day Extra Curricular Activity Year Group
Monday  Netball 5 and 6 
Monday Athletics 2
Monday Year 6 Maths Tutoring 6
Monday  Drama Club - with specialist drama teacher from Colmers Secondary School 4 and 5
Monday Reading Gladiators  3
Tuesday  Basketball 3 and 4 
Tuesday   Art  2 and 3
Tuesday  Scratch Club 3 and 4
Tuesday  Reading Gladiators 6
Wednesday   Football 5 and 6 
Thursday  Dodgeball  5 and 6 
Thursday   Art 5 and 6 
Friday  Year 6 Maths Tutoring 6

When new extra-curricular activities are announced, via letters home, it is important that these letters are completed and returned to school as soon as possible. If you were unsuccessful in your initial application or would like a space at one of these activities after places have been allocated, please contact the school office and they can add your child's name onto the waiting list.

Attendance at these extra-curricular activities is important, particularly due to the fact that demand for these is always high. If therefore a child is absent from a activity for two consecutive weeks, without a valid reason, they will lose their place at this activity and it will be reallocated to another child.