• Rock Kids Visit

    Today Years 1-6 were visited by Rock Kidz. The Rock Kidz workshops were focused upon anti-bullying and building appropriate relationships. All of our pupils throughly enjoyed these Rock 'n' Roll workshops, which included some acting, songs, dancing and even some staff v pupil dance offs. Mr Lynch, Mr Bowtell and Miss Nazir did the staff proud!
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  • Ofsted Report

    On 14th and 15th June we were inspected by Ofsted. We unfortunately could not share the result of this inspection until today when we received our final report. As a school we are delighted with the report which graded us overall as good and outstanding in Personal Development. This is a testament to the journey we have all been on since joining Excelsior MAT and to all the hard work of our staff, pupils and community.
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  • Year 2's trip the Birmingham Sea Life Centre

    Our Year 2s travelled by coach to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. They had the opportunity to observe penguins playing happily and otters sleeping peacefully. Our Year 2s were able to touch starfish. There was a whole tank full of clownfish and blue tangs.
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  • Reception Trip to Little Owl Farm Park

    Reception had a fantastic time on their recent visit to Little Owl Farm Park, with it also supporting their learning for our Summer term theme of Ticket to Ride. After a very exciting bus journey, our children had lots of opportunities to meet different animals and to explore the outdoors. The highlights of our trip were holding some of the animals and feeding the piglets, watching the sheep race and going on a tractor trailer ride where our children had to spot different animals hiding. We also made sure there was plenty of time for a well deserved ice lolly before our journey back :).
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  • Year 6 at the Big Bang Event

    Year 6 had an absolutely great time at The Big Bang Fair at the NEC. This event is the biggest celebration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) for young people in the UK. It was a fantastic opportunity to see these subjects in action, opening an understanding of how large and important a part of our society this subject is. The industrial sectors were out in all force: from HS2 to Specsavers, to Nissan's all Electric Car and Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Dog - which was something quite awe-inspiring to showcase how science works in real life.
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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream at CFPS

    On Monday 12 th June, Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a Shakespeare workshop delivered by Shakespeare Today. We explored the play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Each class was given a different scene from the play, some classes were even given several scenes and we explored them in different ways. Year 4 focused on creating freeze frames for the opening scenes of the play and Year 5 and 6 challenged themselves by including dialogue in their pieces.
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  • Year 4's Visit Kenilworth Castle

    On Monday 5 th June, Year 4 students visited Kenilworth Castle as part of their history topic about Castles. We spent the day exploring the grounds and ruins in the sunshine and learnt all about the history of the castle. We visited the Leicester Gatehouse, which was built in 1571 by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, as part of his grand plan to woo Queen Elizabeth I! We also learned about the mysterious death of Robert Dudley's wife - an accidental death or was it murder?
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  • Writing Week at CFPS

    This week has been our writing week at our school. We have based this year’s writing week around a book called Journey by Aaron Becker. This is a fabulous story about the self-determination and unexpected friendships that a little girl makes after she draws a magic door on her bedroom wall, through which she visits a new world. The wonderful thing about this book is that it is a picture book, with no words, which means that every child could access this to different depths.
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  • School Council London Visit

    Our Year 3-6 school councillors went on a very special trip to London this week. Our school councillors were also joined by school councillors from Turves Green Primary (one of our other schools in our MAT). On this 'adventure', we got to experience the Tube in rush hour and we had special guided tours of Westminster Abbey, where our King’s coronation took place, and the Houses of Parliament. Whilst we were at the Houses of Parliament we had a special lesson about how laws are made.
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  • Year 6's Visit to The Factory Young People's Centre

    Over the past 10 weeks, Year 6 have been taking part in a special project called Resilience 2 Resolve. We are one of the first schools in Birmingham to take part in this project and it has been very successful. To celebrate our final session on Thursday, Year 6 were invited to The Factory Young Peoples Centre in Longbridge after school. Here the children took part in a variety of team building/co-operation activities, which included creating a mummy, building the tallest possible structure from spaghetti and marshmallows, parachute games and much, much more.
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