• Year 5 and 6 residential

    This week, 48 pupils from Years 5 and 6 and 5 intrepid members of staff went on Colmers Farm Primary School's first ever residential to Boundless Outdoors Bell Heath Centre. Residential experiences are something we are passionate about at Colmers Farm School and this forms part of our Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee (click for more details regarding this). We believe that this is something that as many of our pupils as possible should experience and this will now hopefully be an annual event on our school calendar. The memories from this experience our pupils will always carry with them.
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  • Big Arts Week and Exhibition 2022-2023

    Big Arts Week This year for Big Art week, we took part in ‘Take One Picture’ which is a national programme for primary schools led by The National Gallery in London which aims to inspires a love of art and a love of learning. Every year, The National Gallery chooses one painting from its collection of paintings for primary schools to focus on . This year the focus painting is ‘Surprised’ by Henri Rousseau. The children then create their own artwork inspired by the painting.
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  • Year 3 Zoolab Visit

    On Monday, Year 3 had an amazing experience, as part of their Amazon Rainforest topic, when some rainforest creatures came to visit our school. The children recalled facts about the layers of the rainforest and its climate before getting close to a tarantula. A giant millipede crawled its way across some of our hands whilst a snake slithered across others. A giant land snail left its mark before we met some friendly rats.
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  • Year 2 Fire Engine Visit

    On Friday, we had a fire engine visit Colmers Farm Primary School to check they can access our site. At Colmers Farm, we are always looking to utilise every possible learning opportunity, and this was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. We therefore rather cheekily asked whether our Year 2s (who are currently learning about the Great Fire of London) could have a tour of the engine. The fire service very kindly obliged.
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  • Year 3 and 5 first aid training

    At Colmers Farm, we believe that all of our pupils should receive first aid training whilst they are at our school. As part of our Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee, we ensure that our pupils receive their initial training in Year 3 and that this is revisited and refreshed in Year 5. Today our Year 3 and 5s received their first aid training. They all took this training very seriously and their attitudes during these were exemplary.
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  • The World Reimagined Project

    Since May, pupils in our Year 5 and 6 art club have been working on a project called ‘The World Reimagined’. This a UK-wide art education project featuring globally-recognised artists to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africa and its impact on us all. It is not ‘Black History’, it is all of our history. Primary schools involved in the project have been exploring and celebrating ‘Mother Africa’.
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  • Equality Video for Commonwealth Games

    Over the last few weeks, our Year 6s have been busy putting together a video to highlight inclusion. This is something that we strongly believe in at our school. It is an important part of our school's ethos and curriculum. This video was shown at Pride House as part of a project for the Commonwealth Games to show all visiting athletes, officials and delegates that everybody is welcome in this great city and country of ours.
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  • Well Being Award

    Over the last year we have been working towards gaining the Wellbeing Award for Schools through Optimus Education. We are very please to announce that after our final assessment today, we have gained this award. This award focuses on changing the long-term culture of the whole school, using an evidence-based framework to drive change. It aims to ensure that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of school life.
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  • CFPS Jubilee Day

    As part of our celebrations of the Queens' Platinum Jubilee, we held a number of special events. This included a dress in red, white and blue day and a special dinner time picnic on our field. Fortunately, the weather was perfect for this event and everybody really enjoyed it. Throughout the week, in our art lessons, pupils created art work of the Queen.
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  • Pathway to Podium Silver Award

    We are proud that our PE provision at Colmers Farm has gained us an award – The Pathway to Podium Silver Award. This award celebrates our school’s contribution to Physical Education, school sport and physical activity and supports schools to improve their offer further for the benefit of children at our school. Thank you to Miss Jennings, Miss McCarron and Mr Latham for their hard work in helping us to gain this award.
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