Parents' Views of Our School

Results from our parental lockdown provision questionnaire - January 2021

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Some of our parents' comments about our lockdown provision - January 2021

"The teachers are going above and beyond with the online live lessons. They are engaging the children and setting realistic work for them to complete." Mrs Clarke (Year 1 Parent)

"Mr Bowtell and Miss Hooper are doing a fantastic job at online teaching. My son is still getting the education he needs with a little bit of humour added as a bonus. Well done year 2 teachers!" Mrs Fitzgerald (Year 2 Parent)

"I think the school is very good at keeping the learning consistent as children are better with a routine, and the weekly phone calls help as I can express my concerns or worries and the teacher is very good at helping to combat these." Miss Chapman (Year 3 Parent)

"The whole system & set-up is brilliant! I couldn’t be happier with Mr TM & Miss Morgan for all the hard work & effort." Miss Bennett (Year 5 Parent)

"I am very pleased with everything the school has in place for my children to continue education at this difficult time." Mrs Downing (Year 3 and 6 Parent)

"Colmers Farm have been so supportive during lockdown, by keeping parents up to date and the teachers uploading daily lessons with support. I am very impressed by how many comments the teachers have made about the kids work they have uploaded/phone calls home this has given my children more motivation to keep learning whilst we are in lockdown. Well done to all at Colmers Farm." Miss Jones (Year 1, 3 and 5 Parent)

"Miss Hooper and Mr Bowtell are just fantastic. They make the online learning fun and my daughter loves getting involved. It's been very helpful for her and us as it's been hard to get her motivated at home to do her work. Miss Hooper and Mr Bowtell make is so much fun and explain what the children need to do in such a good way that she wants to do it well and neat. She loves getting mentioned for her good work  It helps us as parents as she gets to see her classroom friends too and I think the children have been working hard and most definitely love too see there friends and teachers. It's been very hard for all involved but I've got to take my hats off to you all. Teaching children is hard work. Thank you for all your help and support strange times but hopefully things will get back to normal soon enough!" Miss Power (Year 2 Parent)

"I'm happy with the online learning the school has been great with communication." Miss Kelly (Year 2 Parent)

"My child’s teacher has been both understanding and supportive with any concerns we have encountered while adjusting to online learning." Miss Moy (Year 5 Parent)

"I think my children’s teachers are doing a fantastic job in providing great learning at this time of remote learning from home. This has been 100% better than the last lockdown. I think the interaction with the teachers and class peers is great and there's lots of encouragement for my son to take part and learn really well. The teachers are encouraging all children to take part. The work on tapestry has also been great. It has been enjoyable for my daughter to do and the right amount is being set for her. The feedback from the teachers about her work has been lovely. I would like to say a massive well done to you all for providing great learning opportunities in this uncertain times and keep up the good work." Miss Baker (Reception and Year 4 Parent)

"The online classes are amazing! The structure and routine of the classes are brilliant. Miss Boyle and Miss Tonks are doing such a good job." Miss Bailey-Edwards (Year 3 Parent)

Results from our end of year parental questionnaire and CFPS response- June 2021

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Results from our end of year parental questionnaire and CFPS response - July 2022

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Results from our end of year parental questionnaire and CFPS response - June 2022

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