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No Outsiders

At Colmers Farm Primary School, we believe in the importance of equality and everybody having the same opportunities. This is modelled by our staff and taught through lessons and other experiences both discretely and explicitly. One of the subjects that this is taught through is the subject of Personal Development (PD).

As part of our PD curriculum, we follow a scheme called No Outsiders. This scheme was created by Andrew Moffat MBE, who was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize in 2018-19. No Outsiders has three core values:

  • Respect for diversity through education in schools;
  • Commitment to community cohesion through understanding and acceptance of difference;
  • Promotion of dialogue to counter fear and hate in society. 

No Outsiders is a scheme that was introduced to Governors and parents at our school in 2019/2020 and it involves the use of age appropriate story books (see below for a list of the books we use) to teach about seven of the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010. These include:

  • age;
  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • race;
  • religion or belief;
  • gender;
  • sexual orientation. 

It is important we create a school culture in which children, staff and the whole school community work together to foster an environment of inclusivity through effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) and character education.

We believe that it is vital that our pupils can discuss inappropriate and discriminative language and understand how to address boundaries in order to prepare them for a future in modern Britain.

We strive to ensure that our pupils are surrounded by a consistent message:

  • There are no outsiders here;

  • Everyone is different;

  • We like being different;

  • We are all equal in our difference;

  • I can get along with you even if we are different;

  • We live in the U.K., our British values support this and the law says this too.

We will work alongside our families, parents and carers to deliver this message of inclusivity. You are very welcome to call in to see your child’s class teacher to discuss this approach and to view the picture books we use for this.

At Colmers Farm Primary School, there are no outsiders - Everyone is welcome!

Parental information booklet about No Outsiders

More About No Outsiders

Books We Use For No Outsiders

Please click the image below to see the books which we use for the explicit teaching of No Outsiders at our school. 

No Outsiders Parental Inspire Sessions

KS1 Inspire Sessions
KS2 Inspire Session