Professor McGinty Visit to Year 5

12 Jan

On Wednesday the children in Year 5 took part in an Ancient Greek workshop with Professor McGinty as part of their new topic. They had a fantastic time and learnt lots about what life was like in Ancient Greece. We got to handle lots of artefacts and even had a go at writing on an ancient tablet made from wood and beeswax that children used in school. Some children had a go at dressing up in traditional Ancient Greek clothing. Professor McGinty entertained us all and we had lots of fun listening to his fantastic stories from his time travelling adventures. 

Here are what some of our children had to say: 

"He made learning factual information interesting!" - Iyanna 

"He made us laugh with his funny stories and voices!" - Phoebe

"I liked the way we all got given silly names and how he included us all." - Piper