• Year 5 Mosque Visit

    Year 5 embarked on an enlightening school trip to Birmingham Central Mosque, guided by Mrs. K. She provided a captivating tour, highlighting the mosque's historical significance as the first purpose-built mosque in the city. Exploring the community room, students admired a model of the Kaaba in Mecca and gained insights into the wudu ritual. Ascending to the prayer room, they absorbed knowledge about its various features such as the minbar, where the leader of the prayer, the imam, stands.
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  • MAT School Parliament Podcasts (Little Leaders, Big Dreams)

    On Monday 13th November, the school parliamentarians from the six schools in Excelsior Trust (Colmers Farm, Green Meadow, Heathmount, Highters Heath, Parkfield and Turves Green), met to work on a number of projects together. This was the first of six meetings that these pupils will have over the duration of this year. At each meeting, our school parliamentarians will produce a special podcast. These will all be displayed below when they are released.
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  • Our 2023-2024 Big Arts Week Exhibition

    Just before half term we held our annual Big Arts Week at Colmers Farm Primary School. The c hildren and staff this year have worked incredibly hard to create a piece of art based on the seven visual elements in art - line, shape, form, colour, tone, pattern, and texture. Each year group focussed on an artist that uses one of these elements prominently within their work. They have then created their own work in this style.
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  • Year 5 and 6 Residential

    A residential experience opportunity, for our Year 5 and 6 pupils, is now a permanent feature on the Colmers Farm calendar. There are many words which could be used to describe the experience had by our Years 5 and 6 pupils at Boundless Outdoors. If it could only be summed-up in three words though, then they would have to be: joyous, challenging and memorable. It was an exhilarating and pleasurably exhausting three days for our pupils with a wonderful variety of activities which tested them, skilled them and developed their abilities to work as a team.
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  • Year 1's Visit to the Black Country Living Museum

    Year 1 have been to the Black Country Living Museum as part of their history learning. They had a fabulous time walking around the museum and looking at all of the different types of houses which they were able to compare them to the homes they live in today. They also had the opportunity to take part in a Victorian school lesson. The children really enjoyed this experience and will now be able to link their experience to their history learning after half term.
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  • Year 6's Professor McGinty Visit

    On 17 th October, Year 6 had a fantastic time with a special time travelling visitor called Professor Mcginty. He took us all the way back to the 1940's. The children were enthused by this visit which supplemented their current history topic based on World War 2. During the session, the children learnt more about the air raid shelters, rationing of food and clothes and the different artillery used during the war.
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  • Year 4's Professor McGinty Visit

    Year 4 were visited by the energetic time travelling Professor McGinty who transported them back to the time of the Romans in Britain. The children were so enthusiastic and learnt about Roman towns, unusual foods, their highly trained army and how they lived their everyday lives. We were also shown artefacts from both the Romans and the Celts who were already living in Britain almost two thousand years ago! Some of the children dressed up as Roman Emperors and everyday people (along with a very brave Roman soldier)!
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  • Our School's Parliamentarians' Visit to London

    Each year at Colmers Farm Primary School, our school council (or school parliamentarians as they are known this year) go on a special trip to London. It's always a very early start (6:40 a.m.) and is a very long day, but it is always an amazing visit. This year we joined on this trip by children from Turves Green Primary School (one of the other school's from our Multi-Academy Trust) The purpose of this trip is to teach the children about democracy and their role as school councillors/parliamentarians. The main part of this visit is a tour of the Houses of Parliament and a lesson about democracy in the Houses of Parliament education department.
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  • Fire Service Visit to CFPS

    As part of Year 2's history topic about 'The Great Fire of London', our Year 2s were visited by firefighters from Northfield Fire Station. During this visit, they had the opportunity to talk to the firefighters about their jobs and they were also able to have a close look at their fire engine. This involved the opportunity to sit in the driver's seat, to use the siren and flashing lights, to find out about the different pieces of equipment on the fire engine and the best part... to use the fire engine's hose on the playground.
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  • Year 3 and 5 First Aid Workshops

    At Colmers Farm Primary School, we believe that learning first aid skills is vital. As part of the Colmers Farm Primary Guarantee, we ensure that all of our children in Year 3 receive this training and that this is repeated in Year 5. Today, we were visited by two trainers from Mini First Aid who delivered this. Our trainers were very complimentary about how engaged and motivated to learn our children were.
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